Created by a young mother, ISIS SUPERFOOD was born from a sad observation: the food supplement industry is full of products to make women lose weight or make them look beautiful. But who cares about them when they're bleeding, when they're exhausted after giving birth, when they worry about not having enough milk for their baby, or when they get old? We. We are here to glorify you during all these stages of a woman that society does not want to see, we are here to nourish your inner goddess.
We created our brand by drawing inspiration from Ancient Egypt, which recognizes women not only their equality with men, but also their essential complementarity in the creative act. Also, women could reign over empires, and be respected and honored, which is a much more modern vision than what we have had later in our history. How to think of Ancient Egypt without thinking of its gods and goddesses? Isis, the powerful goddess of fertility, has become obvious to us to represent our products dedicated to the reproductive cycle of women.
Anecdote: Isis is also the first name of the brand's founder! At ISIS Superfood, we are goddesses from mother to daughter, join us!
ISIS BODY Post-partum Recovery, ISIS BELLY Pms Relief and ISIS BOOBS Milk Boost are our first products launched. But, in an effort to help ALL women, we are currently developing ISIS BABY Fertility Boost, ISIS Bump Pregnancy Ally and ISIS BEAUTY Menopause Rescue.
Also, we are not going to stop at our range of gummies. We research and test to create delicious and nutritious bars, whose properties will perfectly complement the action of our gummies. We will therefore soon introduce you to LATTE MATCHA to promote lactation and support postpartum, CINNAMON ROLL to boost fertility and libido and BANANA BREAD for PMS. Stay with us!